By Jamal Laoudi
Born on December 11, 1996, Samy Omari started singing since he was 7.  He is an up and coming Pop star based out of Florida.  Aside from his singing/songwriting endeavors, Sami is very active with his community.  With an album just out, it was imperative to found out more.

 What kind of music genres were you exposed to growing up?
I was exposed to all different types of music but took on to Pop iN general.   Justin Timberlake has had an immense impact on me.

 How did you settle down on Pop and have you experimented with other music genres? Pop music is a genre that moves something inside me.  Body and soul move to it; it makes me want to move.  Combined with dancing, I see them as two of my main forms of expressions.  I have also experiment with R&B that I feel comes from inside me just like a flame and I do love to sing jazz as well.

The music industry can be brutal for beginners. Compound that with the fact that teenage years can be quite difficult. How do you balance your work in music with your obligations to school work and other aspects of your life? 
School always comes first.  I happen to be an honor student at Dr. Phillips High School because I hold myself to high academic standards.  Balancing an academic and an artistic career can be pretty challenging.  Jumping from school to the studio back to home for homework is sometimes tough but worth it.  That being said, I have a close circle of friends who support me and keep me grounded.  Singing is what I want to do but there are other priorities.  As long as I stay focused and work hard, I think it will all work out. Nothing is impossible.

You already are quite aware of the importance of community participation.  You are active with fundraising for B.A.P, a bullying awareness program, through your pro bono performance. Where did this desire come from? Shed some light on your community activism. 
I have experienced bullying as a little kid and it is an unpleasant experience that is tough to deal with.  Turning to music for me played an important role in overcoming it.  I enjoy it and I am good at it, something no one could take away from me. B.A.P is a program that helps victims of bullying and provides them with means to overcome it.  It also teaches kids to get involved in a positive way avoiding problems.  This boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of pride and promotes a sense of family.  It builds a community where kids do not have to worry about being teased.  I am a volunteer with this organization and I work with kids through their problems be it at home or in school.  That is not the only way I help, I perform at their shows, and partake in their annual talent competition.  It is always a fun event where we are all having fun singing, dancing, raping, drawing etc.  On the same note, I am very involved with my community be it during blood drives, street cleanings efforts…  They have always supported me and I will always do the same.

What message are you trying to get out through your music?  
That anything is possible, however big or small it may be; that we can all have an impact.  Everyone, dream big and shoot for the stars

You have covered Justin Bieber and that has proven successful. You now have your first original track out entitled “So Crazy”.  Talk to me about this project? 
Justin Bieber is one of the many artists I strive to emulate.  He is very successful and inspiring, and I think he impacts us positively.  As for his entertaining talent, it is abundant to see.  "So Crazy", which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google music store, and Spotify,  is the first single of my new album “Untouchable” that will be available in the market soon.  In this album, I present and describe myself.  There is so much time and effort that went into it.  I hope everyone will enjoy listening to it as much as I did putting it together.  It is something you don't want to miss.

What do you attribute your success so far to?
My drive and my talent not to leave out my parents’ support and God’s blessings.
What are your short and long term projects?

Short term, I am looking into getting my music out there.  Long term, I hope that my music is inspirational.  Furthermore, I hope I can shine some light on Morocco, my roots.  I have been there and it is an amazing place.  I also hope that I can reach Moroccan kids and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  
When all said and done, I hope I can leave my mark on the music industry.  For now, I want to entertain and I want people to have fun listening and dancing to my music.

Continuous success Samy; last word:
Samy is fearless!  I have never given up despite bumps among other adversities.  My music defines me and I strive to entertain the masses.  My goal is to share my God-given talent with the world and I look forward to the day everyone sings my songs.  With God’s blessings, support from my family, friends, and peers, I will make a name for myself.



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